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In Brass in Color method books there are two sections:   Play by Listening (page on the left) and Play by Reading (page on the right)

The Color Tablature (Color Fingerings/Color Slide Positions) is under the Play by Listening Section.  Students will use this section to listen and copy what they hear (from audio or teacher model).  After they are comfortable playing the melody by themselves without the teachers help, they can begin to associate what they learned by reading standard notation under Play by Reading. 

Below is an example from Trumpet Book One.  Students learn Mary Had a Little Lamb in the written key of Db major.

How does it work_.png

You can also see in the example how the Color Fingerings represent rhythm.  The boxes above the Color Fingerings represent the beat.  If a note is held longer than one beat a line of the same color from the Color fingering extends over the beat length.  

The diagrams below show the Color Fingerings/Color Slide positions.

Color Fingerings (Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium)

Color Slide Positions (Trombone)

Trombone Color Slide Position Chart.jpg
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