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AVAILABLE NOW: Brass in Color for Euphonium/Baritone

We've rounded out the low brass with Brass in Color for Euphonium/Baritone. See pricing and purchase options below. These books will focus on teaching Euphonium or Baritone using bass clef notation.

Brass in Color focuses on teaching younger students how to play the trombone using slide positions and music notation. Each book introduces songs and exercises in a variety of keys to develop technique and aural skills as students become familiar with the instrument. Brass in Color makes playing easy and fun for every beginner student.

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NOTE: Spanish and Chinese editions for trombone are not available at this time, but will be soon. Follow us on Facebook for updates on book releases and announcements.

Brass in Color: Euphonium/Baritone Book One

$12.99 USD

Brass in Color: Euphonium/Baritone Book Two

$12.99 USD

Brass in Color: Euphonium/Baritone Book Three

$12.99 USD

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